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What is it? 

Packing a lunch box can be a daunting task for parents, getting the balance between healthy, fresh food and food that their kids will actually eat. EasiYo wants to add some love to the lunch-box by giving mum and dad a solution to pack healthy fresh yogurt which her kids will love, in a fun and child friendly reusable squeezie pouch.


How does it work?

Very easy! Just 4 steps:

  1. Wash it (it is reusable!)
  2. Fill it with your kid’s favorite Easiyo yogurt
  3. Seal the pouch firmly
  4. Put it in the lunchbox or give to eat straight away

Squeezi-Yo How to Pamphlet

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Where can I get it?

The Squeezi-Yo are only available in NZ and Australia on EasiYo's website. Kids will love them!

And if you are unsure on what your favourite flavours are, do not hesitate to (re)discover our delicious range.

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